Why hello there…

March 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

Wow, it feels nice to be on a new blog! I had previously been writing on another blogging website but hated the setup, and found it very tricky to navigate. So I have renamed myself, and found a new home. So here I am livingstronger on wordpress. Thanks to those of you who followed me, and welcome to new readers!

Livestronger was a term I coined while in treatment for LP-Hodgkins Disease in 2007. Not super original, given the huge Livestrong following, but to me livestronger is of great significance! I had been living strong since birth people! So for me living stronger is something that’s been a bit of a mantra since that fateful day the “c” word rocked my world. For the title of this blog I decided to go with livingstronger for a multitude of reasons, the main one being so Lance doesn’t come knocking on my door.

You also may notice the ladybugs on my page. Ladybugs are my lucky charms, but more on that later! I promise!

I am working this weekend, which means I have a lot of downtime. 1 weekend a month I work for the American Cancer Society, at the Boston AstraZeneca Hope Lodge as a weekend manager. It’s 48 hours of lockdown, thank god for the beautiful people and comfy surroundings. If you don’t know about ACS or Hope Lodge, you should totally take a commercial break from this blog and google. Hope Lodge’s are all over the country, places where people who are traveling to places other than home from treatment can stay for free. They are a wonderful resource, and there only around because of the generous donations made to ACS each year.  We always have a wait list, and it’s hard to see people turned away- but it’s beautiful to see people walk in and see the weight on their shoulders get a little bit lessened just by giving them shelter. There are very few other low/no cost options for people here in Boston despite the need.

I’ve been working here at the Lodge for 1 year and a half, and it’s very interesting to be here as a cancer survivor. I think I am the only survivor on the small staff! Which I think gives me a unique perspective..

Aside from this part-time gig I work full-time for Partners In Health’s domestic project, PACT in Dorchester. Yay DOT! I am the Executive Assistant to the Executive Director as well as Office Manager/Grants Lady/Caterer and anything else you can think of. PACT does amazing work with disenfranchised population who are dealing with HIV/AIDS, Diabetes and other chronic illness. Many of the PACT clients also suffer from some sort of behavioral/mental health problem as well. My co-workers are the people who keep me loving my job. I work with amazing Community Health Workers and administrators. I feel truly blessed to be doing the work I am doing there. Although my role is very hands off the direct service, I still feel honored to be learning so much from so many wonderful mentors.

Ok enough about me for today. 🙂


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