220 votes.

March 22, 2010 § 1 Comment

If you are offended by progressive ideals on government and health care I urge you to navigate away from my blog. fast

Ok I need  a break from the conservative facebook friends who are berating the health care reform bill, displaying their ignorance all over facebook. I believe they all are ill-informed on the bill. (That’s my hope anyways)

Now I by no means am ecstatic with the bill, nor have I spent hours reading the text of the bill..but I do consider myself informed enough to have an opinion. That being said I feel I need to take to my blog to explain my feelings about the bill as a progressive democrat-25 year old female- and cancer survivor.

Things I wish the bill included, a strong public option. I could defend this till i’m blue in the face. I will leave that alone for fear of loosing even my moderate readers.

2nd, a faster time line to get rid of the pre-existing condition garbage. 2014 is a long ways off, and the idea of facing high premiums and potential denial from insurance companies for another 4 years does not make me happy. I really don’t understand how anyone who has love in their heart can explain to me why people should be discriminated against because of a pre-existing condition. Was it my fault? The way I see it, it’s discrimination. Young-adult cancer survivors as well as the millions of other adults with pre-existing condition (that includes all you asthmatics out there) do not need to be dealing with financial hardships because they had cancer or whatever they had. The YA’s I know spend most of what would be in their savings accounts on prescriptions and c0-pays, and that’s people in remission. Now on top of that they should be paying hire premiums? Or have to forgo treatment for lack of money? Seriously people??

And I could go on and on, but it would be better if you checked out


your time will be well spent! The site shows the original house and senate bills and the reconciled bill which is what passed last night and will be signed into law tomorrow by President Obama.

Thanks for your time folks:)


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  • Kt says:

    I haven’t read into it enough to form a strong opinion yet – but I do agree that pre-existing conditions need to be over and done with. Blah.

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