happenstance (an event that might have been arranged although it was really accidental)

March 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

For work I have been doing phone interviews with candidates for our summer fellows via PIH. They have been really great, although I am glad they are over as they took up quite a bit of time over the past few weeks.

The great part about these interviews was getting to hear our candidates get really excited about the work that we are doing to transform primary care and get health-care focused back on the patients. It was also wonderful to hear people passionate about social justice and their awareness of social determinants of health. Most of the people I interviewed were close to my age which was fabulous! Sometimes I feel like it’s only my co-workers who get as fired up on these issues, and it makes me scared that their are not a ton of like minds out there..in doing this interviews however I see that there are similar stories strewn from Southern California, to Michigan to Vietnam. What an experience!

Health care reform has been all over the news and in many conversations I’ve had over the past week. It’s awesome to hear everyone’s reactions to the bill – and also good to vent about our frustration with friends who just don’t share our outlook.

Side note: I parked in the Dana-Farber parking garage this morning and watched 3 people chain smoking in their car. This is ridiculous to me. I know smoking is an addiction, but no one wants to smell cigarettes when they are walking to the car after chemo. People are really unbelievable.

Side note 2: I’m off to California tomorrow morning with Carlton for a week of vacation! Were going to see family in SanFrancisco and do a night or two in Napa. Can’t wait! I’ll take lots of pics to share with you all. And hopefully i’ll meet a lot of like minded hippies while there.



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