A quick recap.

March 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

SO maybe it’s not officially Monday… but to me it is! I haven’t gone to bed which makes me still doing what I said I was going to do and blogging. Hey, and it is only 9:19pm in California— so that’s gotta count!

I’m wide awake because I just got home from an awesome meeting at American University. I should back up. Since I last posted in the Spring of 2010 the following life events have occurred.

  1. Carlton and I decided to leave Boston.
  2. We got engaged on June 26,2010.
  3. July 1 we moved back to DC.
  4. We live separately with family until November 1st (really not fun)– when we moved to Arlington.
  5. November 29,2010 I start my new job, Community Manager for the American Cancer Society’s National Capitol Region.
  6. We have been planning our 9/4 nuptials since July..but as 2011 begins planning is really started to pick up.
  7. 1/3/11 I join Weight Watchers.
  8. 2/1/11 Submit Graduate School Applications to MSW Programs
  9. Everything since then is a blur. 🙂

Now that you’ve been clued in– my position with the American Cancer Society whom from this point on will be known as ACS is a mission/income mixed job. I manage 3 Relay For LIfe events they are American University, George Mason University and Herndon, VA’s community event. I manage a hospital relationship with Reston Hospital Center. Can you tell yet that the majority of my life is spent in DC gridlock? Thankfully working with amazing volunteers and college students makes it all ok. My hours are crazy right now because my first college event is this coming Saturday. American University is rocking it— they’ve already surpassed their participant and financial goals. So we are all coasting into the event thrilled about our success.

It’s really interesting to reflect on the list of significant life events that have happened since I last blogged. Life happens so fast (now I sound like a grandma….). Basically I am loving working in the Fighting Cancer business, and so happy I decided to make the jump into it. I know a lot of people were worried it would hit too close to home or be upsetting, but I feel more myself than I ever have professionally and it’s a great feeling.

Very happy to be back blog friends.


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