Current situation.

April 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

So I am the worst blogger. I really am trying!! I shouldn’t make promises to blog when I my schedule is as crazy as it is right now. My life is super busy as I am in the midst my first Relay For Life season as a staff partner. On top of that I applying for scholarships for grad school and trying to plan my wedding which is 5 months away! I’m not being hugely successful at any of these things at the moment, so I think I need to get my crap together.

It’s crazy when life gets like this for me. I really promised myself while recovering from chemo etc. that I wouldn’t stress about work, life family dramas etc. Unfortunately nearly 4 years from those moments I find myself leaning back towards my life before cancer. Don’t get me wrong, I love being busy. But I also don’t like the feelings of anxiety and stress that creep in on me. I am working towards finding a happy medium.

In the couple years immediately after treatment I layed super low. Too low. I made a lot of excuses for not working hard professionally and personally. A big piece of my life before my diagnosis was excercise and training for races. I totally lost that. I have slowly been regaining the confidence to jump back into that lifestyle. Like most people on NYE this year I decided that 2011 was going to be my year. I am determined to make it the best year ever. 🙂 So far that has included excercising at least 4 days a week, most weeks! There have been a few weeks I havent been able to make that happen…but only a few! Getting back into the swing of excercising has helped me deal with the stress at work and with everything else going on.  When I talk about finding my happy medium– this definetly includes continuing to incorporate excercise into my daily life.

I’d like to cut out the work crap. Work has taken over a lot of my time. While I love the work I am doing with my volunteers, the hours are super tough. I never get to check out or unplug. There’s always a text, e-mail or voicemail waiting for my attention. The benefits of working this way is that I’m super active and rarely behind a desk. But I do miss leaving work between 5-6 most days and just going home and checking out for the night….

I hope that I will be able to swing grad school. I feel like going to get my MSW will help me get to my happy medium. I’ll get to do what I love most, help people dealing with the affects of a cancer diagnosis but on a more set schedule. Let’s cross our fingers that this can happen soon…:)

This weekend I am so excited to be traveling to NYC for the OMG 2011 conference for Young Adult Cancer Survivors. I’ll get to meet friends I’ve only met via bbm/texting and online. I’ll get to reconnect with friends I’ve met on trips i’ve made around the country.  More on this later!

PS the new Adele cd rocks. Pick it up!


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