What’s going on in my world

October 4, 2012 § 2 Comments

Notice the new theme for the blog…I hope you love it. I love it!

Like I said in my last blog, it’s time to redefine this blog. I love writing, and i’ve had a lot going on over the past year that has brought me to realize I am NEEDED in the blogoshpere. There are plenty of resources out there, but at times they are few and far between. I hope to bring to light all the research, new things and really just stuff I am learning day to day, with hopes that somebody out there will be helped! 🙂

So what am I hinting at? Well in February of 2012 I started getting hives, very strangely somewhat sudden onset on Ash Wednesday. Weird, was this some extreme form of Catholic guilt for not going to church except on these holy days? I had just left church and my head was itching so bad, hives all over. They were moving down my forehead..ugh! Well that day sparked what turned out to be a 4 week journey with chronic, escalating hives. I was seen my my internist, allergist and oncologist. All thought I had “contact dermatitis”. I was on a anti-histamine cock-tail of allegra, zyrtect, zantac and prendisone. A topical steriod cream.. nothing. NOTHING helped. Benadryl was making the hives spread…like seriously WTF? I started to notice some discoloration on my arm and hands as well. I was itchy and frustrated!

Lucky for me my best friend is in Naturopathic medical school (she’s brilliant and huge supporter of my health) and we were chatting and she mentioned that maybe this was a food allergy? I quickly put together a few things- the hives would go away over night..when I wasn’t eating. AH HAH!

March 17th Carlton, our friend Jeff and I left DC for a “homecoming” trip to Boston for St. Patricks day. At this point I’d been kind of avoiding gluten and dairy for about a week. On the trip I did my best to avoid gluten but not so much dairy. We had lunch in Fenway –I got hives. I had eaten Clam Chowder. We went to my favorite restaurant in the North End..I ordered Rissotto (normally gluten free) and within 20 minutes was in the ER at Mass General. I had widespread hives and my airway was closing, anaphylaxsis. I received 2 shots of epinephrine, and IV benadryl. (despite me telling the resident benadryl hadn’t been helping) My airway opened but hives got worse.

I left AMA (against medical advice) at 3am because they couldn’t do anything for me. They wanted to admit me….but nothing they could do was helping. I opted for sleep and hydration.. I left armed with epi pens and prendisone. (never took the steriods) Since that day I have been gluten free, and since have become dairy free because my dairy allergies has escalated as well.

So that’s all I’m saying for today. It’s a mouthful and too much to digest..even for me:)

More to come! (Spoiler alert: I’m alive and well ;0))


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