TGIF! Pumpkin time!

October 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

So yesterday I blogged a bit about what spurred this new lifestyle.. the answer to dealing with these horrendous food allergies has been living a 100% gluten free/dairy free life. Taking it one step further I have made the decision to follow the Paleo diet. (Paleo is a meat, veg, fruit, nut based diet– no gluten, no dairy, no grains & no legumes!) I did it for 6 weeks in June, and just started up again last week. I feel better than ever when I’m on Paleo and even though some people see it as restrictive, for me it gives me a sense of community.Eating Paleo is common among people doing Crossfit. I’ve been doing Crossfit since July. The two kind of go hand in hand..

Before finding this community I felt very alone dealing with these scary food issues. Now I don’t really have to explain myself saying, “yeah I could really harm myself by eating that”, I can just say…”I eat Paleo!”  🙂 Crossfit is awesome, and I balance it with a Yoga practice. This isn’t a weight-loss/diet blog..but so far I’ve lost more than 12 inches and 16 pounds. A lot of symptoms I’ve dealt with my entire life have disappeared. I am completely off ALL of my prescription medication– even asthma meds which I was on for 24 years.

I love cooking, love, love, love it. It really is my favorite thing to do! So cooking with this new plan has been really fun. Lot’s of new recipes to explore, and build on.

Here’s a picture of Paleo Pumpkin Bread courtesy of the amazing Elana’s pantry!

Also exciting today at crossfit I beat my press PR (personal record) pressing 70lbs!! (yipeee!!!!!!)

We are off to our close friends wedding in St. Louis this weekend! We are so excited! I hope you all have an amazing weekend too– enjoy this beautiful Friday.

Thanks to my dear friend for puppysitting Chaz. Love ya HG!


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