Traveling is a challenge..

October 11, 2012 § 1 Comment

This past weekend the hub, in-laws and I traveled to St. Louis for our friends wedding. It was a beautiful weekend, lots of laughter and love. I love weddings and I also love traveling.. however dealing with these food allergies has made both challenging. I’ve been lucky that 2 of the 3 weddings I’ve been to since my allergies have been really accommodating. This past weekend the hotel chef was nice enough to cook me some plain grilled chicken and steamed asparagus, even baked cod. It made the dinner portion of the wedding much more enjoyable for me, no weird questions from the table-mates! πŸ™‚

I was really prepared for this trip, as you saw in my last post I baked lots of paleo pumkpin bread, and brought some of my stables so I wouldn’t starve. Here’s a pic from our hotel room..

This may have been a bit over board..but boy am I glad I brought it. I was shocked how few food options I had. We went to Sweetie Pie’s (she has the show on OWN) and there was literally NOTHING I could eat. I splurged and had an A&W Root Beer. πŸ™‚ At TGI Fridays I could order the baby back ribs dry and cole slaw..that was it. At IHOP I had 2 eggs hard and bacon. Really chain restaurants!? Do you have anything real on your menus? I was actually disgusted when I saw the nutritional information for TGIFridays. They add MSG to a LOT of there food items, even on the kids menu. I did find a great bar-b-que restraunt on Yelp called Bandanas that was totally gluten free except for their garlic bread. I had coleslaw and baked beans (a paleo cheat) and amazing ribs and pulled pork. Their Chicago Sweet bbq sauce was amazing………i’m still drooling! I must have had some dairy contamination (and to be fair I didn’t ask about dairy..bad me) and I did get hives while on the plane back to DC. Luckily they weren’t too bad.

I was so happy I made it hive free until the flight home! It did take a lot of effort– but the effort was well worth the peace of mind to know I can still travel!!

St. Louis was a lot of fun, made new friends, danced and laughed a lot. I even made it almost hive free!!


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