dealing with injury

October 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

Last Wednesday I reactivated an old back injury while pushing through a  tough WOD. I think it was it was a combination of using too much weight and pushing myself too hard. I left the gym super warm,not really realizing I was in as much pain as I  was. By the time I  got home and in the shower I was having flashbacks to my debilitating injury from last winter. Needless to say I was sad, disappointed and more than anything else angry. I’ve come so far and really don’t want another injury to set me back. I was able to make it into the office Thursday and to my meeting Friday, lots of advil and Sal Pas (my obsession!). By Sunday I was feeling almost back to normal.. I spent the day with family and even carried my baby cousin around. A true test 🙂

So now it’s Tuesday and I’m debating getting back into the box tonight.. I really am dying to work out but don’t want to go back to soon and set myself back. Trying to balance the pros and cons is difficult when it comes to injury. More than anything I am grateful that this seems to be a slip, and not a serious setback. Thank GOD.

I am a huge fan of everyday paleo, and love Sarah’s blog casts. I found this weeks program super interesting..check it out! (it’s on fat loss!!) It was super informative, after listening to it I am going to cut back on my fruit intake, and not feel guilty about eating a late breakfast.


Exciting things going on — keep your fingers crossed for me and the hubs!



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