Power Snatch

October 25, 2012 § 1 Comment

I’ve been doing a lot of cancer blogging the last few days so it’s time to spice things back up with crossfit! I am just starting my third month of crossfit and I am OBSESSED. I love the team style workouts and exercises. It reminds me of the years I spent swimming year round..

I’ve seen significant changes in my body since I started..loosing 10 pounds and watching my bodies composition change. Loosing 8 inches from my belly button doesn’t hurt either.:) Along with crossfit eating paleo has definitely sped things along. I’m so inspired by the crossfit community to stay committed to paleo –I’m hoping that my weight loss will begin to accelerate.

A fellow LHS alum (my high-school) is a crossfitter and I recently came across his amazing story..he has lost 100 lbs doing crossfit and eating paleo. How KICK ASS is that? He is an inspiration for sure. Please follow his blog..


His blog today is about finding your “best”.. I love this because I think we all face this everday. Being the best employee, colleague, wife, friend etc… but it definitely comes into play when your dealing with health and wellness. I share Bob’s sentiments about being happy with your performance athletically. It is easy to look back in our case at a WOD (daily work out) and think you could have done it RX(as prescribed) or faster more gracefully..the list can go on and on. I struggle with diet… am I doing my best by choosing paleo meals  or am I not making the “best” decisions as I possibly could? For example binging on beef jerky because it’s paleo..if I’m still over eating? It’s so hard to find a balance. For me, everyday I can make decisions that are well intentioned and thoughtful. That really the best I can do at this point.   Committing to something is half of my battle, once I’m there I start to taste success.

PS our WOD last night killed me..hand stand push-ups at a deficit and power snatches with running and other fun mingled in between. It was so much fun though, it’s so empowering being a woman and throwing 60 lbs over your head. Here’s a video of power snatch..it’s a killer lift.

PPS I start my chef assisting tonight at Culinaerie..I’m so excited. Cross your fingers it goes well 🙂


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