A very thankful Thanksgiving!

November 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

Carlton, Chaz and I headed to Syracuse for Thanksgiving this year. We were very excited to be in NY this Thanksgiving since we have been in DC for the last 2 years. Our trip started out a bit later than planned but we made it home around 12:15 am on Thanksgiving morning. I hurried off to bed because I had a 5k Turkey trot in the morning. It was a nervous night for me as I haven’t run a 5k or done anything competitively since before I was diagnosed. When my alarm went off at 7:30 I was ready to go..butterflies and all!

The best thing about the 5k is that I was running it with my two of my besties. They are both much more seasoned runners so I knew they’d finish ahead of me but it was great knowing they were there. Here’s a photo of us before the race..(also we ran into another friend Katie– she’s all the way to the right!!)

As the starting bell went off a calm came over me. It was like riding a bike! The course was much hillier than I expected so mile 1 was difficult for me. After that though my confidence started to build and my stride started to pick up. My goal was to run the whole race and I did that. My time wasn’t as fast as I’d hoped…but finished in 34 minutes. Given the hills…I think that’s pretty good!

I’m recovering from a kidney infection that I came down with Saturday..but am itching to get back to Crossfit this week. I can’t wait for my next 5k!!

I spent the rest of Thanksgiving cooking with my mom and enjoying our hard work with my parents, Nana, sister and her great bf Dan and of course Carlton.. 🙂 We also had three dogs in the house!! Very loud group:)
I hope you all had a blessed and fun Thanksgiving..on to Christmastime 🙂 xo


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