Goal Setting

December 8, 2012 § 3 Comments

I realized this week that I have been doing Crossfit now for just over 4 months. It’s crazy how fast this time has flown by. Even crazier are the changes I am already seeing in my body. Crossfit has become a great outlet and community for me. As much as I love my 3-4 times a week in the box and monitoring my progress through PR’s and time tracking etc I have felt like I am missing something.

After some soul searching it seems that missing thing is goals! So in an effort to hold myself accountable to these goals I have decided the blog is a good way to track them. Short and long term..

Short term:

1)Do 14 days strict paleo w. out fruit going into the holidays! Beginning Monday 12- ending on Christas Eve 🙂 (I hope to drop 5-7lbs during this phase)

2)Before January 1 get a kipping toes to bar! Even if it’s one rep 🙂

3) Introduce 1 day of running only per week.

Long Term:

1) strict toes to bar

2) strict pull up

3) increase strenght in overhead movements, OHS and snatch specifically

4) achieve a free standing handstand

4) increase my running capability! run a sub 30 5k in 2013!!

Here’s to it!!!!!!!! One of my bff’s and I are doing a 5k tomorrow..I’m so excited!! Who knew i’d sneak back into running. 🙂 *my running is a jog..lol FOR NOW anways


Everybody have a lovely weekend.


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