Christmas is almost here..

December 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

Hi lovely readers. I apologize for the large stretches between posts..I am trying to get better about blogging regularly. It’s such a busy time of year …but no EXCUSES 🙂

People are really starting to notice the changes in my body since crossfit. I am thrilled! I remember the last time I lost significant amount of weight feeling embarrassed that people noticed I kind of felt like if they said I looked great now, how did I look before? It’s different this time. I know I’ve worked harder than I ever have at this getting fit thing..and maybe that’s the difference? Maybe it’s that I’m 7 years older? Idk but I am happy I am in a place where I can accept the praise for what it is, praise. Here’s a photo I did on Instragram..


I think it’s actually more dramatic than the photo..but it does a decent job. The biggest change has been through my stomach! THANK GOD for that because boy did I need it 🙂

I’m working hard on my short term goals..although I failed at the eating paleo through Christmas eve. I hope to start fresh in January when that’s more maintainable. I am SO close to getting toes to cross your fingers for me..


I hope you all enjoy these last few days going into Christmas. Enjoy your time off, hug your family and friends tight. XOXO




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