World Cancer Day & Updates!

February 5, 2013 § 1 Comment

Hey Everybody. Today is world cancer day. It’s a day to create awareness around cancer and all of it’s effected parts. Survivors, caregivers, loved ones we’ve lost, policy, healthcare, prevention..the list goes on and on. Part of identifying with being a cancer survivor for me since my diagnosis in 2006 has been about raising awareness. 21 year old–seemingly healthy adults DO get cancer. Like me often diagnosed late in the game because of complacent healthcare professionals and an overall feeling of..”it can’t be serious..I’m young”. For me I was to the point of vomiting after every meal before I pushed a doctor to do more than just write me a prescription. I had to ask for a new surgeon because my original surgeon tried to convince me I didn’t have cancer. This was before I’d even had a biopsy. It’s a scary world out there and you need to advocate for your health– at any age. Get your physicals. More importantly KNOW your body.

Here I am 6 years later dealing with totally different health problems which can’t be officially classified as “cancer related” or “long-term side effects of chemo”. It’s the chicken or the egg. Same shit, different day. Or as my beloved mentor Kris Carr has always said..”a big ol’ shit pickle.”  No matter what you are going through with your health I have found it is most important to listen to your body. I am still figuring this out myself.

In honor of world cancer day here’s a photo of me and Carlton on the night I decided I wasn’t covering my head up anymore.






We were in the Outer Banks celebrating the end of treatment and the moving on of life. It was meant to be an amazing trip of celebration..but in reality for me it was a scary time. I didn’t express it then but finishing treatment and moving back to DC was horrifying. I had been under doctors and my mom’s 😉 care for 8 months. I was supposed to move back to DC alone to finish school and not see any doctors? Transition was horrible for me. I made it through..for sure…but it was a very hard time.

As I’ve said before- I am truly blessed and lucky to be “cured” from my cancer. Many, many people lose there battles every day. I live my life the way I do fighting for friends I’ve lost.. Pam, RJ, Floyd & Gail.


In other news my first Whole 30 went awesome! I loved it and was very successful! I’m embarking on a psuedo whole 30..or rather just living Paleo moving forward. I lost about 8.5 pounds and gained a lot of physical and mental strength from the whole 30.

More to come soon! I don’t mean to abandon you all 🙂



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