Crossfit & Pregnancy

May 18, 2013 § 3 Comments

Yes I am continuing Crossfit while pregnant! (Please hold judgements here) I have been crossfitting for almost a year and it has completely changed my body & my life. When we got pregnant it was a decision that Carlton & I came to with our midwife’s opinion heavily weighing in. So far so good, for the first trimester I was about to maintain 3x a week wods. Since the 2nd trimester started I have scaled back to 2x a week and I am quite picky about which wod’s I do. (I know this isn’t recommended– you should follow the programming!) but because some WOD’s are just too intense or would require me to completely scale I opt to just take Chaz for a walk that day. 🙂 I have been walking every day that I don’t get to the staying active has been going well.

My goal has always been to stay with Crossfit as long as I can through this pregnancy. I hope that means right up until delivery..but I am taking it one week at a time. The hardest thing for me has been the competitiveness in the gym. I go in with the attitude of not pushing it to far..but then I get in there and it’s very hard to scale back. There are many different trains of thought and what you should and shouldn’t do. Some people where a heart rate monitor, others chose to do the talk test.. etc. I’ve just found that trusting myself is enough. I know there is a fine line and it is a difficult dance.. since I am starting to show now and running is getting more uncomfortable as are burpees and a bunch of other exercises it is making it easier to really just do what I can. One of the best things about crossfit is that it is completely scalable– that’s why I encourage everyone to do it. That’s what makes it work during pregnancy. My coaches all know I’m pregnant and have been SO SO supportive. There are tons of great resources as well..if you have questions check out my favorite site..


§ 3 Responses to Crossfit & Pregnancy

  • Kate says:

    Listening to that mama gut of yours now will only prepare you for the future! Much love to you always.

  • charmcitykim says:

    Good for you! With my first pregnancy, I was running at least 3miles up until my 38th week. You’ll be fine (& quite frankly, staying active during your pregnancy makes delivery &recovery easier in my opinion). I’m intrigued by crossfit…

  • Sarah D. says:

    I’m so impressed Kim– running until 38 weeks. I’m only 16 and it’s getting uncomfortable. Ran 1.5 miles Saturday and my bladder was feeling it 🙂 You should try a free crossfit class… it’s worth a try 🙂

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